Forewarnings and inoculation in persuasion

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Building on the persuasion knowledge model, this study examines how audience characteristics and native advertising recognition influence the covert persuasion process.

A forewarning is a warning of an impending influence attempt. Forewarnings include such phrases as, “and now a word from our sponsors,” that precede ads designed to persuade listeners. Consistent with the old adage, “forewarned is forearmed,” psychologists have discovered that forewarning often leads to resistance, which is decreased persuasion in the direction of the influence attempt.

Results showed that elaborated inoculation increased reactance, whereas limited inoculation decreased reactance but only when the subsequent appeal used less freedom-threatening language.

These findings suggest that inoculation has the potential to facilitate or buffer reactance depending on the level of threat communicated in inoculation forewarnings and in subsequent persuasive health appeals. Research on attitude inoculation suggest that religious educators are wise to avoid.

A. the two-step flow of communication B. forewarnings to their followers that outsiders will question their belief. Persuasion and resistance to persuasion are one of most extensively studied topic areas in social psychology.


This topic is covered frequently in social psychology because the effects of persuasion are seen everywhere and are applicable in everyday life. ABSTRACT. This research examined the efficacy of inoculation as a strategy to mitigate psychological reactance based on the level of threat communicated in the forewarning and subsequent persuasive .

Forewarnings and inoculation in persuasion
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