What is your most prized possession

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Pop Star Alanis Morissette Says Her Most Prized Possession Is a Crucifix

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You Are God’s Most Prized Possession

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Tom was there, and I nearly came out of my mom when Roger stepped away from his set at the end of the show. Jun 27,  · Most Prized Possession: My Father’s Library Posted on June 27, by johnmarkmiller After years of chasing one dream after another, things finally clicked into place and God’s plan for my life became exquisitely clear.

My most prized possession is orange and white with a puffy little snake like tail and has the attitude of a prissy brat because she feels higher than all around her. Yes, your assumption is correct-my prize possession is a cat. Her most prized possession is a locket that she wears constantly.

Synonyms and related words General words for possessions: appurtenance, real estate, property. Most Prized Possession: Bobby Dean’s sign is his most prized possession and has storied history.

“A black magic marker and piece of cardboard from a trashcan has literally kept me alive, fed me, drugged me, since ,” he declares. My prized possession isn’t even my vinyl copy of Astronaut, signed by all five original members, although it’s a close second.

My most prized possession is the Encore CD set of the first time I saw all five original members onstage together in Costa Mesa, California in Good afternoon, My name is Kimberly and my most prized possession is my dog. A prized possession: an item of great significance to one. Similarly, my dog is my prized possession.

What is your most prized possession
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What does that's your prized possession mean